It is with great pleasure that Joc Curran announces Dom Miller and Bluebeard Music will be taking over bookings at The Zoo from January 2016 and beyond. After 23 years at the helm, it is time for Joc to step back and not work quite so many hours, get to see her son during daylight hours and have dinner with her family occasionally. A positive step, we’re sure you’ll agree.

So Joc is entrusting this part of the The Zoo to the very capable hands of someone who has grown up entwined in The Zoo. From his very first show in The Rocketsmiths to assistant booker for 4 years, it is a full circle moment for Dom Miller that Joc and The Zoo feel very fortunate to be able to enact. Joc will still be at the venue of course, but with regards to booking future shows at The Zoo, Dom and his amazing staff at Bluebeard Music will be steering the ship.

“Myself and the team here at Bluebeard Music are ecstatic to be booking The Zoo as of 2016. It’s been a huge few years for us, picking up the bookings at Black Bear Lodge and The Milk Factory as well as seeing the progression of our management clients such as Good Boy, Phoncurves and Fox & Fowl. To be able to add Brisbane’s best, and possibly oldest and most respected, venue to our booking roster is an absolute honour. I am very proud.”
– Dom Miller, Bluebeard Music

For all 2016 bookings, please contact Dom Miller directly –

For anything in 2015 or about the Zoo itself, please contact Joc Curran –


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