Arrr you ready?!! Somewhere between the devil and the deep brown river awaits a new nautically-themed bar for those left high and dry. Setting sail this Thursday 2nd October, The Milk Factory Kitchen and Bar is located in the heritage listed former Coronation Hotel, on Montague Road, South Brisbane (formerly the site of The Joynt). Brought to you by the owner and creator of Shady Palms and Lady Marmalade Cafes in Stones Corner, Mal Gill, in conjunction with two new award-winning partners, it’s no wonder so many scallywags are getting their knickers knotted.

Waiting to welcome you aboard with Mal are business partners Brisbane chef Asher Blackford and gun drink slinger Daniel Gregory. Dan is a former hometown boy who has been drawn back after managing bars in Melbourne and Sydney (Baxter Inn, Shady Pines, Black Pearl, Eau De Vie) in what is a coup for our city’s burgeoning bar scene. Before leaving our fine port he was an integral member of The Bowery and Byblos teams that created such big waves in the mid-late noughties.

Milk Factory Owners

The painstakingly handmade bar will feature five beer taps and one cider tap as well as a crafted cocktail list from Dan and a small selection of wines. With a strong focus on rum and classic cocktails we will look to compliment our food offerings with interesting drink options or feel free to hit up our crew for whatever tickles yer fancy.
Behind the porthole in the galley, Asher’s menu will focus on playful & witty bar food based around a semi-played with or altered world map. The concept is a floating menu, which will travel at least every 3 months with the style of cuisine portraying the journey undertaken. First ports of call will be Hawaii, Japan, Korea through to East China and the Philippines. With a block of family-owned beautiful volcanic Maleny soil producing some hard to find ingredients and inspiration for use in his first ‘own’ kitchen, something he’s been dreaming of and plotting for many years.  He has previously been head chef at city favourites; Laruche, Canvas, Sardine Tin, Survey Co, Jam Jar and a few others.
The Milk Factory will also feature live music and/or beats, across a broad range of genres, six days of the week, booked by Bluebeard Music’s Dominic Miller. Keep an eye on the messenger pigeons of social media for all our gig info.
The venue will have a nautical feel featuring some one-off art pieces made for us, street art from Fintan Magee and Sam Hill, as well as antique scuba divers helmets and other vintage or upcycled pieces. This is not just another cookie cutter, order from the catalogue sort of venue. The three partners and their long suffering family and friends have had all favours called in! The Milk Factory team have pretty much done the entire fit out of the site themselves. The bar front is made from recycled river bridge wood, painstakingly sanded and varnished until it sparkles with uniqueness (mainly by our in house artist/chef/owner Asher!) Dan’s father (Bob) built the bar frame from scratch and delivered it on the back of a truck.
The Milk Factory Crew are hoping to start pouring and plating from October 2nd although… Keep an eye on social media in case we set sail early.
Batten down the hatches me hearties!



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